What does the title of a yarn express?

The count of a yarn is the number that represents the ratio between its length and its weight. It is used to express the thickness or diameter of the yarn and indicates its fineness.

The count is a quantity that defines the degree of fineness and quality of a yarn expressed on the basis of its length and weight parameters. Fineness is the measure of economic evaluation used in the textile industry for natural fibers, threads and yarns.

With the Indirect Titration system (for animal and vegetable fibers) the yarn count is obtained from the ratio between a length (variable) and a weight (fixed). The higher the number that expresses the count, the higher the fineness of the yarn.

The Metric Title (indirect) takes the hank of 1000 meters as the unit of length and the kilogram as the unit of weight. For example, if you have a number of coils with a length of 25,000 m. and weighing 1 kg., the yarn has a metric count 25.