What is finishing?

It is the last phase of textile finishing and serves to improve the characteristics of the fabric.
Finishing includes all those operations that alter the structure of the fabrics to bring about qualitative improvements or that bring about superficial modifications to make their appearance more pleasant. treatments performed, after weaving, to improve the characteristics of a fabric.
The characteristics that the finishing process gives to a fabric can be varied, for example making it soft to the touch, resistant, water-repellent, anti-crease, etc. For this purpose, mechanical, physical and chemical treatments are carried out, the most important of which are sizing, calendering, topping, decatising, fulling, raising, waterproofing, mercerization, sanforissaggio.

In the finishing, some characteristics"lost"during the previous processes are restored, such as softness and elasticity of the fibers; and also the conferment of new effects that the fabric did not possess, such as stability, hydrophilicity, resistance to creasing.

Dalfilo sheets are subjected to the best Italian finishing processes.