Change the sheets

When to change the sheets?

Better to change the sheets once a week, especially in the summer. In winter it is recommended to change them up to a maximum of every 10-12 days.

Maintaining the hygiene of our bed is very important. Clean sheets are in fact essential for the own well-being . For example, if you happen to wake up with irritated skin or feel a stuffy nose it could be the fault of your sheets which, if they are not clean, can attract different allergens . The dust contained in the atmosphere also settles on the sheets and is inhaled for about eight hours a day. Considering that about one in six people suffer from some form of allergy or breathing difficulties and that they spend an average of about one third of their lives in bed, we understand the importance of sleeping in clean sheets.

The bed is also a favorite place of the dust mites , which here find an ideal environment for their survival. These are small insects that can aggravate asthma, exacerbate or cause allergies, such as rhinitis and hives. Choose breathable sheets made with natural fabrics, like those in Dalfilo cotton, it helps prevent dust mites from nesting in our beds.

According to various researchers, therefore, the ideal way to stay healthy is to wash the sheets once a week, especially in summer when light pajamas are used and the skin remains in direct contact with the fabric.

The pillowcases of our pillows: the latter, in fact, should ideally be changed at least twice a week, to prevent formation acne and pimples caused by bacteria that lurk in the tissues.

Blankets, mattress covers and bedspreads should be washed once a month, or more often if there are stains.