What is calendering?

It is a finishing phase that presses the fabric giving it a shiny appearance.
The calendering is obtained by passing the finished cotton fabric between two heavy heated rollers which by compressing it give it a smooth and shiny appearance, like in chintz fabric. If the rollers have engraved a relief with calendering, special designs and effects can be obtained such as marbling or moiré, embossing.
The fabrics are pressed by means of heavy metal rollers that emit humidity and heat at the same time to give greater shine and uniformity to the fabric. The calender consists of a set of rollers, placed vertically or horizontally and heated from the inside, through which a fabric is passed to iron it, make it compact and give it shine. Furthermore, since the fabric enters the calender while still damp, expanders are placed inside the tubular fabrics, such as knitwear; ironing then fixes the height.