Dry the sheets

How to dry the sheets?

If you use a dryer, we recommend that you choose a short drying process at low temperatures to avoid damaging the fabric. Also pay attention to the load of the dryer: the less the load, the less wrinkled the sheets will be.
Freshly washed bed linen is a pleasure for the senses, especially when the perfume fills the rooms of the house. However, it is important to dry it carefully to prevent it from getting damaged or taking on a damp smell.

If you use the dryer we recommend that you To avoid to over-dry the laundry. Some items, such as towels, sheets, pillow cases, and most cotton clothing, get wrinkled if they are dried too much.At the same time leaving the sheets in the dryer for too long could cause them to shrink. The ideal is to dry them as quickly as possible and at a low temperature to preserve the fabric.

If you want avoid using the iron on bed linen is possible through short drying. Ain fact, a slight residual humidity prevents the formation of many folds and the sheets and pillowcases have to be ironed.In case you want to dry the sheets together with other items , in this case of the towels, you could run into a problem. Not all sheets are made of the same fabric and therefore it is best to keep very different loads separate to avoid over-drying problems. Sheets dry faster than towels, so when the sheets are dry the towels will likely still be wet. In these cases, it would be better not to combine washes with different fabrics, especially with towels that require excessive drying.

Crumpled sheets in the dryer: how to avoid it

It may happen during the first uses of the dryer that the sheets are still damp and twisted. To avoid this inconvenience, we recommend that you put the sheets and dry them a few at a time (a couple maximum) inside the dryer. In the event that the sheets are dried together with other items, it is advisable to put them first in the drum, well spread out. Dry the folded sheets instead it is not a good solution. In fact, the hot air from the dryer does not reach deep inside the folded sheets which, in the middle, will remain moist.


Our tips for drying sheets without a dryer:

Not everyone can afford a tumble dryer, however convenient and convenient it may be. In addition to the good practices of hanging the sheets in a dry place and spreading them out as best we can, we suggest you do not add other cloths to the washing machine drum during the washing phase. THEn this way you can use all the space available on the drying rack and fully extend the bed linen above, to make it dry as quickly as possible.

We also remind you to be careful to set the working cycle of the washing machine right.
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